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About Hubo, specialist for every D-I-Yer

Hubo is a 100% Belgian organisation with more than do-it-yourself-stores across the country. Hubo has a strong 2nd ranking in the D-I-Y sector and has become a fixture over the years.


Hubo focuses on the D-I-Y market with an extensive and high-quality selection of brand-name products. Our store selection has approximately 25,000 D-I-Y products and accessories for inside and around the house. Our D-I-Y stores are between 1,000 m2 and more than 3,000 m2 in area.

Hubo has a varied client base of consumer D-I-Yers, including both the occasional hobbyist with limited needs to the ambitious and driven intensive D-I-Y handyman.


Our customers enjoy the frequent specials in our folders, the Hubo promotions, and, with their Bonus Card, they can also take advantage of a host of other benefits.


The accessibility of the stores is ideal: the Hubo stores are located outside of downtown, along major access roads and all of them have large car parks. In addition to the extensive selection, the ideal price-to-quality ratio, and the manageable store design, that makes Hubo the ideal store for the D-I-Yer.


Garden sheds, Carports, Garages, Pergola's, Barbecues, Swimming pools, Conservatories, Play equipment, Trailers, Trellises, Lawn mowers, Powerplus tools, etc., etc.
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Hubo Boussu

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7300 Boussu

The specialist in DIY products

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Garden sheds, Carports, Garages, Pergolas, Barbecues, Swimming pools, Conservatories, Play equipment, Trailers, Trellises, Lawn mowers,... Powerplus tools, ...

You can find it all in our e-shop.


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